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Hi, I'm Kim Maslin!

I'm a passionate educator and author  living in Esperance, Western Australia.

My background is in ICT, and I have taught learners aged 5 to 85-year-olds how to use digital technologies! I'm a former specialist Technologies teacher, marketing officer and graphic designer. Through my business, I offer specialised graphic design training and coaching services as well as templates and online courses.

In 2017, I launched a cyber safety book series, titled The Tweeting Galah. These collection of short stories are designed to educate children on how to be safe and happy online, with the use of augmented reality technology accompanying the vivid illustrations. The series is currently being used by over 8,500 families and schools across Australia.

I'm also in the early stages of a Doctorate of Education through Curtin University, where I will be exploring the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum in regional West Australian primary schools.