Kickstart 2021 with these streamlined social media processes

Start of year is my favourite time to get things sorted.

It's when I organise my pantry (seriously, I spent over 2 hours on it this morning!)

It's when I unsubscribe from all those email lists I'd randomly joined throughout the year but never actually open or read.

And it's when I get my social media processes sorted for the coming months. 

Now getting your social media marketing organised and streamlined can seem like a daunting task! That's why I want to share with you my simple strategy for getting set up that won't take you months of headache or hassle. 

Update your Style Guide

First thing's first. Make sure you're happy with your overall branding - because most of your social media / digital content is going to draw upon this.

You can read more about the must-have inclusions in your style guide over here, but in a nutshell, you want to make sure your style guide includes: fonts, colours, imagery and your logo.

Now as a bonus tip: it's not enough to just have a nice PDF document that lists these style guide elements. You actually need to have these elements ready and on hand. This means creating a folder on your computer, and saving into that folder your logo, key photos (like headshots), as well as the font files (.otf/.ttf files).

That way, if you need to upload the fonts to your website or Canva - you have them ready to go.

If you need to update your Instagram profile with a new headshot - you have it ready to go.

And if you need to add your logo to a Facebook advertisement .... well, you get the drift! 

When you add up the time you might spend searching your computer for those different elements as you need them throughout the year, you'll see it's well worth investing 10 minutes in getting it all collated at the start!


Map out your content

I don't know about you, but the part of social media marketing that takes me the longest is actually coming up with my content ideas! Not only that, but I then over-think when to post what. I like to have a bit of a strategy, share a narrative and make sure that I'm not doubling up on content for my audience, or missing important messages. 

Therefore, I need to have a clear picture in my head about what I am going to post, and when. 

Having a content calendar that works for me (and that is the key, as there are thousands of different content calendars available for download/purchase!) has been a game-changer for me. 

With the right layout, my content calendar allows me to map out what content I'll be sharing on my Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as my Facebook group, blog and weekly newsletter. 

I can see visually what content is coming up, and it's helped me make sure that I spread posts out evenly across the weeks, and that I post consistently on all platforms. 

Now, developing a social media content calendar that works for you is something I dive deep on in my signature Make Every Click Count program - so I won't get into too much detail right now other than to recommend that you have one(!!!!) and not only use it to identify what posts you'll share, but also any visual graphics you need to create to accompany those posts. 


Set up your folders

I know this isn't a 'sexy' step, but it's actually my favourite! Setting up good file structure on your computer is essential for business productivity in 2021 (and beyond)!

So, put aside the time to set up your folders. There should be one for all your style guide elements (mentioned above), but also make sure you create a space to save your social media content - that is, all the graphics that you plan on sharing across your accounts. 

Once created, make sure these folder(s) are easy for you access by either saving them to your computer Desktop or Dock, or pinning them to your File Explorer/Finder sidebar. That way, you don't need to click through 15 layers of file structure just to find that one graphic you need to upload to Facebook! One click will take you straight there. 

Again, the actual mechanics of how to set up your folders, and strategies for effective file management is something I go into within my signature Make Every Click Count program

 Create (and duplicate) your social media posts

Now comes the fun (and creative) part! You have your 'look', you have your file structure and you have your plan ... now you just need to actually sit down and create your posts. 

I find it quickest to churn out a few social media graphics in the one sitting. That's because you can get into a rhythm of creating, saving, duplicating and repeating. 

And remember - because you have your brand all sorted, once you have a social media graphic created that you're happy with, you can simply duplicate it, and tweak it for your next post. Not only does this keep consistency between your posts (important for brand recognition in people's feeds), but it also saves you heaps of time fluffing around with switching up designs. Leaving you instead to just focus on the value of your content

Ok, so what are you waiting for! Have a go at following my simple system for streamlining your social media processes and please .... let me know how it works out for you! You can connect with me on Facebook or Instagram :) 

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