How I saved my business $4,082 a year

I always thought I was good at my business budgeting ... until I realised I wasn't!

This moment of realisation came when I was doing business planning for 2021. There were changes I wanted to make to my business model and structure, and I was mindful of some upcoming expenses. Being a primarily online provider of services (i.e. I don't have a building or office space that I rent), the main expenses to run my business are software-based (i.e. website hosting, Microsoft suite, social media scheduling software etc). So I thought, it's a good time to check how much money I'm spending on these online programs to see whether there was scope to save some money or afford some new tools for 2021. 

I started by writing about a list in dot-points, but it just wasn't working. 

I don't know about you, but I'm quite a visual person - I find it much easier to digest information when it is laid out clearly (and preferably with some colour coding!) 

So I...

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3 Technology Mistakes I Made While Growing my Business (and how you can avoid them!)

It is almost impossible to build or grow a business in the 2020s without employing the use of technology in one form or another. At the basic end you need an email account and Facebook Page ...  and then it can evolve through to online payment gateways, customer management systems and data analytic software. 

For some, the technology itself is a fundamental aspect of the product or service. For instance, an online coach is going to intricately rely on software like Zoom to conduct their 1:1 coaching services. For others, technology will serve the primary purpose of communications and marketing - allowing them to connect with their audience through Facebook Groups, YouTube channel or webinars. Finally, there's the 'admin' side of things - for instance your online calendar or invoicing software, which allows you to keep track of appointments and client payments. 

As I said, it's almost impossible to escape the use of technology in your business!!


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