Looking for ongoing accountability and support?

I can help you stay on track and achieve your business goals by providing practical design strategy support.

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Tell me, are you ...


Tired of wasting hours trying to figure out this ‘marketing thing’ on your own?

Looking to bounce strategic ideas off someone?

Wanting to complete basic tasks like social media content creation faster ... but not sure how?

Ready to master design tools like InDesign and platforms like Instagram? 

Ready to grow and scale your business, but not sure what to focus on first?

Wanting constructive feedback on your current marketing efforts and branding?

In need of support in developing your marketing strategy, systems and templates?

If you answered OMG yes! to any of these questions, then we should chat...

We can work together to get your marketing and design strategy on track (...and keep it on track!)


Through fortnightly 1.5 hour support sessions and weekly email support, I provide accountability and guidance for business owners ready to scale their business through effective systems, marketing and design. 

Together, we can ensure your marketing materials are suitably aligned with your overall business objectives,  and identify practical ways to build upon what you have already been doing. We can also review your processes to see how you can streamline and automate various tasks on your device (such as scheduling social media content, and creating graphic templates) to help you get the best 'bang for your buck' when it comes to your time.

If you're new to business, we can work from the ground up to make sure your systems, templates, branding and strategy are all geared to help you succeed. 

The benefit of meeting each fortnight is we have the chance to really sink our teeth into the marketing and design of your business - giving us the chance to review, create, test and repeat so that ultimately you are left feeling more empowered and on track to grow your business and achieve your goals! Plus, with weekly email support you will never be waiting long to get the answers and support you need. 

What included ...

Regular meetings

Each fortnight we meet for a 1.5 hour strategy session. This is either face-to-face or via Zoom and is where all the magic happens! 

Ticking things off

We actually get things done during our sessions. Whether that's mapping out a content calendar, tweaking your website or updating your profiles.

Tangible steps

You will walk away from each strategy session not only with key tasks accomplished, but also with a clear set of goals to work on for the fortnight ahead. These will be emailed to you following each session.

Email Support

Get quick feedback and support as you need in between our fortnightly strategy sessions. I am available to respond to your questions and queries via email as they arise (during business hours). 


During our strategy sessions

Our fortnightly strategy sessions will take place over Zoom (unless you are lucky enough to live in Esperance, Western Australia! In which case we can arrange to meet in person).

Each session will run for up to 1.5 hours.

Our sessions will be practical and hands-on, and guided by your current priorties

In general, our regular sessions will begin with a review of the successes and challenges you faced since we last met, before focusing on practical learning and strategic objectives - whether that’s discussing ways to market your latest product, analysing the effectiveness of materials you’ve been working on, practicing how to use a particular design program or social media platform, developing and reviewing your marketing strategy or setting up templates and systems to help you get things done quicker.

The sessions will be a mixture of talking and doing! 

We will end each session by setting some clear tasks for you to complete before our next session. 

After our strategy sessions

Following each session I will email you a written summary of what we covered in the session, as well as the goals we have set for you before the next session! 

You will also be able to email me questions and queries between each fortnightly session. I will respond within working hours. 

Let's work together

“Kim has such a strategic mind that brings together her expertise … I love working with her and can see more tangible ways to move forward” 

- Cindy Poole, Cindy Poole Glass Artist

"We could not have done this without your patience and guidance and we are so pleased with our new look"

- Annette, Tile & Cupboard Esperance

My ongoing strategy support starts at AUD $600 a month

(this includes two 1.5 hour strategy sessions plus weekly email support)

Service agreements start with a 3 month minimum

If you purchase a Once-Off Session or Branding & Marketing Audit, this price will be deducted from your first month

Please fill out the form below if you'd like to discuss working together. I will be in touch to have an obligation-free chat to determine if we'd be the right fit! :-) 

Alternatively you can email me direct at [email protected]