Make sure you're using the right graphic design software.

Download my Graphic Design Software Guide for entrepreneurs, small biz owners & content creators to be sure you are investing your energy (and money) in the right tools! 

This comprehensive guide packs in 10+ years of graphic design experience to help you identify which program is right for you. 

Includes side-by-side software comparison, flow chart style quiz, case studies and summary checklist.

Tools matter. Even in graphic design.

Make an informed decision before you waste any more time and money on a program that isn't right for your needs. 

The wrong graphic design software can seriously hold you back.


Graphic design plays a role in all modern businesses, no matter the niche. While some businesses have the luxury of being able to outsource graphic design work to a professional agency, for many entrepreneurs, small biz owners and content creators the task falls to them.

Using the wrong graphic design tools can be detrimental to your business.

That's because it is easy to waste hours learning to use a program like Adobe InDesign that is actually more advanced than you need ... or being unhappy that your final designs look like everyone else's because you used some pre-made Canva templates that popped up on your Newsfeed... 

It's so important to know what each program offers, so you can work out if it aligns with your design needs, skill level, business goals and budget. 

And that's where my Graphic Design Software Guide comes in.


My free Graphic Design Software Guide includes:

Considerations Checklist

A summary of the key considerations that ought to be factored into your software decision.

Side-by-Side Comparison

A detailed, multi-page summary of how different graphic design programs compare.

Flow chart-style quiz

Designed to help you identify which software program is best suited to your business needs.

Case studies

Real-life examples of small businesses and organisations, sharing which graphic design program they chose and why.

Download the free Graphic Design Software Checklist