2021 Instagram Guide for Regional Businesses

No fancy sales funnels or crafted copy. 

Just me sharing some of my Instagram knowledge with you! 

Included in the Guide ...

✔️ Four practical ways regional businesses can use Instagram to grow their audience and increase sales

✔️ Visual overview of the 2021 Instagram interface

✔️ Step-by-step instructions on how to post to Instagram

✔️ Direct link to my free 45-minute "Sharing your Stories on Instagram" webinar (prepared for Digital Creation Hub Esperance 2020)

Why the regional focus?

While I was born in the city, I moved to beautiful Esperance (located 800km from Perth, Western Australia) about four years ago. I instantly fell in love with the town, and the strong “support local” culture they have developed.

I'm passionate about helping regional businesses thrive online, and I’ve since spent my time providing digital marketing and design support for business owners in the Esperance-Goldfields region - through workshops, 1:1 consultations, design services and online courses.

There are some unique ways that regionally based businesses can capitalise on Instagram’s features, to help them reach out to local customers and visiting tourists, as well as the national/international online market. I want to share some of this with you through this guide.

Why is it free?

To be 100% honest, it's a way for you to get to know and trust me. 

I offer paid digital marketing services for regional business owners (including 1:1 support and group training, as well as online courses and digital products).

While I hope you find this guide genuinely useful, I also hope that it successfully showcases some of my expertise, so that if you do decide you need more support you’ll consider getting in touch (but no pressure! And I won't get all pushy and salesy either).

Are you sure you won't get all pushy and salesy...?

I'm sure! I will add you to my mailing list, which means you'll receive a weekly email from me with digital marketing tips. This is another way I hope to help you and showcase my expertise in topics other than Instagram ... But you can opt out from it at any time if you're not interested! 

Download the Guide

Hi, I'm Kim Maslin!

I’m a Digital Technologies Educator and Author based in Esperance, Western Australia. 

I provide design strategy support to business owners, to help them simplify  processes, optimise time and increase visibility.

With over eleven years experience, I look forward to helping you reach your business goals by utilising digital marketing and graphic design tools and strategies effectively.