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Quickly and effective identify your businesses' unique tech requirements, challenges and opportunities.

Technology can be frustrating! 

Technology was suppose to make our lives easier, but more often than not it is the very thing causing the challenges! 

Such as when...

  • The spinning wheel of death appears right when your deadline is due. Good-bye, document you spent weeks working on!
  • You have signed up to countless apps promising to automate, flow and streamline your biz … only now you’re spending more time setting up the apps than actually running your biz!
  • You want to pick up your laptop and just throw it out the window because you’re sick of it wasting your time with glitches and updates!

And where do you start?

It’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by technology … but that can end right now!

Introducing the Small Biz Technology Audit

The Small Biz Technology Audit is a unique opportunity to collate the various tech you are using, and reflect on their effectiveness and value to your business. Through this process, you will identify which tools are causing the road blocks, headaches and holding your business back.

Why Audit?

Completing the Small Biz Technology Audit will help you identify:

  • Which technology is essential to your business growth
  • Which technology is holding you back & causing the most challenges
  • Where to focus your time, energy and money going forward

Plus, once your audit is complete we can work together on your Tech Transformation Action Plan to reduce the digital clutter and technology road blocks. Yes, I said we (as in, you and me … me, a real person! Not a computer. Not an automated bot. Not a FAQ Help Centre. A real person, who can provide real, personalised solutions).

But first, we need to know what we are working with.


Included in the Audit: 

  • Small Biz Technology Audit PDF template
  • Thorough instructions on how to complete the audit
  • Sample of a completed audit
  • How to interpret your audit, and next steps

Download the Small Biz Technology Audit!