Super Simple Strategies to use InDesign for your Social Media Marketing

A start-to-finish demonstration of how to use InDesign to create effective social media graphics. 

Hosted by Kim Maslin, Digital Technologies Educator with over 11 years design, marketing & training experience









Looking to grow your business through marketing and design this year?

Then it's time to fully embrace Adobe InDesign!

I know there are other 'cheaper' and 'easier' graphic design programs out there. And they have their place. They're perfect for side-hustlers, start-ups and community groups. 

However, if you're a business owner looking to develop a unique brand and produce a range of high quality materials for print and/or digital, then it's time to commit to a program that is designed to meet those needs. 

That's where Adobe InDesign comes in. While it can seem daunting and overwhelming trying to fumble through the full scope (and unique 'quirks') of this program ... it doesn't have to be! Not if you have someone there to show you the ropes. 

Through my Super Simple Strategies to use InDesign for your Social Media Marketing webinar training I will do just that!


Learn how to use InDesign to create social media graphics for your business... in less than 30 minutes!

During this free training, I will walk you through step-by-step how to use Adobe InDesign to create a social media graphic design from scratch, which you can use to promote your business on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

See how easy it is to use this industry-standard software to create professional and unique designs that will help you standout from the others in your industry.

Specifically, I will show you how to:

Set up your document

Add & format text

Add coloured shapes

Add background image

Resize and align

Export your image for web

... Plus, I also share some of my secret hacks for easily duplicating designs, how to keep objects from moving around the page and a quick way of selecting the perfect colour every time!

Setting Up

Follow my process for setting up your document correctly, so that it is compatible with social media platforms.

Lookin' Good

Learn how to format text, colours and objects so your graphic will stand out and wow your online audience.

Secret Systems

I share my favourite tips for streamlining the process of design, to save you hours down the track.

Register for the free training today!

Sick of trying to figure out InDesign on your own? Join me, and let's master this thing!

Hi, I'm Kim Maslin

I’m a Digital Technologies Educator & Coach who has spent the last 11 years teaching people ages five to 85 how to use technology in happy, healthy and productive ways.

I'm also the author of the children's cyber safety book series, The Tweeting Galah.

I look forward to providing you with the tailored support needed to fully make the most of technology, in order to reclaim your time and grow your business!


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