Save your business some serious moolah ... in less than 30 minutes!

Follow the exact blueprint which saved my business $4,082 in annual software subscriptions. 

No technical experience necessary!

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What's Included:


A carefully designed & ready-to-use audit template with ...


All formulas and calculations set-up - simply type in your subscription details! Excel does the rest.

Clear (and pretty!) layout to make the process simple and clear.

Example audit to inspire and guide you (the exact one I created, which saved me $4,082!)

Written instructions on how to complete the audit


Plus... bonus video tutorial support!


Sounds great, let's do it!

Based on true events ...

The Software Subscription Audit came about when I realised I needed to get serious about my business budgeting.

By following the exact process available here, I was able to save my business enough money to afford investing in tools I had on the wish list for years!

Don't be scared of Excel.

At least not when completing the Software Subscription Audit! Because in this instance, I have done the hard work and set-up all the calculations, formulas and drop-down menus for you! 

All you need to do is open up the template, and type in your numbers. 

That's it! Excel will do the rest. 

Save your business some serious money ... for only $17!

Let's do it!

No experience required. 

The Software Subscription Audit is literally ready to download and go.

All the Excel formulas and calculations have been done for you! 

No technical knowledge of Excel is required

... you just need to type your software subscription details in.

No deep financial knowledge is required

... you just need to be prepared to think critically and strategically about your business and its needs.

Stop paying for subscriptions that you don't actually need ... or even use!


Take back control of your business finances.


Re-invest the savings into areas that will help your business grow!


See how it works:

It is super easy to download and complete the Software Subscription Audit and start saving your biz some serious money! 


Lifetime access!

Yep, that's right! When you purchase the Software Subscription Audit you receive lifetime access. 

This means you can come back and re-download the template at any time, as well as re-watch the video demonstration as many times as you need. 


I saved $452!


I saved over $1,760!


I saved nearly 3,000!

Save money. Now.

Let's be honest ... business finances aren't sexy. They aren't even particularly interesting (at least not to me ....!) however they are absolutely essential to growing your business

I shudder to think how much money I have wasted over the years just because I wasn't paying proper attention to what I was subscribing to.

Creating this Software Subscription Audit has changed the way I operate my business. Seriously.

That is because it allowed me to save enough to justify investing in a software program that I genuinely needed but never thought I could afford. Now that I have this program (I'll tell you a secret, it's actually Kajabi ... the very program hosting the page you are reading right now!) my business has been able to grow and develop in the ways that I have spent months, years envisaging. 

All from one measly little Excel spreadsheet. 

I want you to experience this wonderful, liberating feeling of knowing you're in control of your finances and that you're on the path to where you want to go. 

I'm ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Recap ... For $17 you will receive ...


A carefully designed & ready-to-use spreadsheet with:


All formulas and calculations set-up - simply type in your subscription details! Excel does the rest.

Clear layout to make the process simple and clear.

Example audit to inspire and guide you (the exact one I created, which saved me $4,082!)

Written instructions.


Plus... bonus video tutorial support and life-time access!


Ready to save your business some serious $$$ ? 


Yes! Give me the audit (please)