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Created by Kim Maslin and launched in 2017, The Tweeting Galah is an innovative approach to cyber safety education. 

Unique and quirky Australian characters bring to life the common dilemmas faced by children growing up with technology in the 2020s. Aligned with the Australian curriculum, The Tweeting Galah is a collection of printed books and eBooks, which function as easy, grab-n-go resources for primary school classrooms. 

To date over 10,000 copies of the series are being used globally. The series comprises of four books: The Tweeting Galah, The Surfing Penguin, The Little Possum who Looked Up and The Zooming Owl.


Augmented reality experiences are included in the books, along with lesson activities. Felt puppets are also available.

Learn more about the series at The Tweeting Galah website.

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